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Folded shopping basket

New product- folded basket

English name: shopping basket, foldable shopping basket /

Save a space: 20 centimeters high, after folding, only a few centimeters high. Whether storage or personal use is very effective.

Shopping basket has a bag for putting change, peripheral has four plastic, used to support basket, make the bag standing. Bag and handle can be aparted, with more convenient when cleaning, small volume, convenient to carry.

Lightweight and more effortless: folding basket make by waterproof fabrics as the main materials, the weight is light compare to the early plastic or metal shopping bag. The main frame can be folded and make by aluminium alloy or iron hollow tubes, its own weight also is very light

Novel style: the main materials is cloth the style and design can completely by the customer to choose and decide, reveal personality style.

Resistant to wear and dirty: conventional 600D Oxford cloth is waterproof, wear-resisting characteristics.

Plastic shopping bags have been cancelled, prompting more consumers tend to shopping basket. And can be folded basket will be the first choice.

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