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Chinese suitcase industry is facing unprecedented challenges

Earlier this year, China's work would is facing unprecedented challenges. In the Labour shortages and rising prices of raw materials, CNY appreciation and accelerate industrial transference under the impact of such factors as not only giving bags industry instability, also make the survival and development of the suitcases into an embarrassing roles.

After 20 years of rapid development, today, China have accounted 70% share of global. not just the global manufacturing center, is the world's biggest consumer market, according to statistics, Chinese bags & luggage product sales in 5,000 billion yuan. Along with the development of the manufacturing industry, Chinese bag industry also developed rapidly, apart from Hong Kong, guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing and the mainstream of big cities, relative to the scale and quite mature have jinjiang, wenzhou, dongguan, chengdu's exhibition. Into this century, Chinese enterprises both at home and abroad take part in the exhibition are increasing, almost every quarter each exhibition there are a large number of Chinese enterprises to participate. But in earlier, visitors are going to most is Hong Kong, Taiwan's manufacturer, now for most of Chinese enterprise speaking, export-oriented visit as the market as normal. They promoting the production and trade of China play a very important role.

Facing the industry reshuffle closed or improves skills? China has such a good industrial foundation and perfecting industrial link, unique domestic market and international market space if can seize this rare opportunity that can make the Chinese suitcase industry strongly.

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